Case Study

21st Birthday Weekend

What does an epic 21st birthday weekend in Las Vegas look like? Read below to find out how one of our clients decided to spend theirs!


The client’s group was able to have an action-packed 21st birthday trip thanks to the level of planning and preparation that we provided. The client’s group experienced the highest level that Las Vegas had to offer for their budget during their stay with us. Every chance we got, we went above and beyond to ensure our client’s group would be blown away by the level of service we gave them.


  • $60,000 total budget
  • 2 nightclubs, 1 pool party
  • 3 fine dining experiences


One of the main challenges we had was coordinating with our private transportation partner to ensure the group would be picked up and dropped off at very precise times. Many of the group’s activities were time-sensitive, meaning we had to plan very thoroughly for every event. We also had alcohol procurement issues at one point, but they were quickly resolved once we got more involved with the venue.


The client’s group wanted to do something engaging and historic, so we guided them through a fine dining culinary tour through historic Downtown Las Vegas. The client found that having a VIP specialist guide them through this experience allowed them to enjoy their time in Las Vegas a lot more than they would have been able to on their own due to how many activities we scheduled for them in a small amount of time.



When our client found a Bloomberg article mentioning us as an elevated Las Vegas experience creator, he found someone that could help him plan an upcoming trip. After confirming our capabilities were up to his standards, he set up an initial phone call with us so we could get a feel for his goals during this trip.

During the call, he mentioned his goals were for his daughter to have an incredible 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. The client wanted an experience that would be fun for not only his daughter and friends, but for the entire family as well. After speaking with him to thoroughly understand the scope of work, we knew that this was going to be an epic trip.

The trip begins

We met the client for the first time in person at his room inside the Encore to review the itinerary and schedule for his entire Las Vegas experience. We always do this in case there are any reasonable last-minute changes or additions the client would like to make.

Day 1 – Thursday

  • Photography session
  • Downtown Las Vegas VIP culinary tour
  • Absinthe acrobatics show experience

After reviewing the itinerary, we made some modifications that made the most sense to accommodate some of the people in the group. We found that one of the guests was disabled, so we made some changes to the pool party cabana location to accommodate the group with their own private bathroom. This way, everyone would be able to enjoy the experience!

Las Vegas VIP culinary tour

With everything confirmed, we started their experience with a private photography session and their own private transportation to a culinary dining tour. Guests sampled 4 of the best restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip over the course of 4-hours. They also were guided through historic Downtown Las Vegas during this culinary tour, expanding the impact of their culinary experience.

After this tour, the group enjoyed themselves at one of the most critically acclaimed acrobatic shows in the world—Absinthe. This raunchy-yet-tasteful show proved to be quite a hit with our guests! After the show, we transported our client’s group back to the Encore hotel to rest up.

Las Vegas private limo

Day 2 – Friday

  • Photography session
  • Dinner at Zuma restaurant
  • Marquee Nightclub
  • In-suite after-party

After an already jam-packed first day, our guests were ready for more of what Vegas has to offer! We coordinated with a photographer to come meet the group while scheduling with the dinner venue to start preparing the birthday cake. We made sure the private transport picked up our client’s group so they’d be right on time to their birthday dinner.

We met the client again at their destination outside of the Cosmopolitan and guided them into Zuma, the dining venue, towards their own private room with large, glass windows overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. They had a wonderful dinner and celebrated the birthday girl’s legal drinking age with 2 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne.

Seafood presentation from Zuma restaurant in Las Vegas

After dinner, we split the group in two—adults and young adults—and walked them into Marquee Nightclub. We showed the adults the bottle layout and presentation first, followed by the birthday girl and her group with a personal reception from the venue staff. We also negotiated with the nightclub to give us a third table that was more accessible to the disabled adult in their group.

Inside the nightclub, the birthday girl was met with a personalized bottle presentation wishing her a happy birthday. Our client’s daughter had an amazing first-club experience at Marquee, having so much fun that we had to extend the private transportation pickup time. When they got to their suite, they were surprised to see fresh pizzas laid out and presented for everyone to enjoy a late night snack. Our VIP specialist made sure they were all where they needed to be the entire evening, tending to guests that needed more attention.

Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas

Day 3 – Saturday

  • Encore Beach Club pool party
  • Lunch at Sinatra restaurant
  • Dinner at Andrea’s restaurant
  • XS Nightclub

The next day, our client was ready to experience the biggest pool party in the world at Encore Beach Club. We not only procured the best cabana in the in the venue, but our VIP specialist also got them a shout-out from the DJ Diplo. We also got the birthday girl and her friends VIP backstage passes to meet Diplo, letting them take pictures with him and his entourage.

Even with all the fun they had already, the day wasn’t over yet! When the pool party died down, the group enjoyed lunch at Sinatra before heading back to their rooms to rest and get ready for the evening’s festivities. After a couple of hours, our guests enjoyed a fine dining experience at Andrea’s inside the Wynn to kickoff the night’s activities.

We met with the client’s group again at XS nightclub after dinner. We upgraded the client to a dance floor table after seeing how much fun the birthday girl had during the pool party. Our VIP specialist made sure the group was safe and having the time of their lives. This was a great end to a very special trip.

XS Las Vegas nightclub

We look forward to our client calling on us again next time!


We created an epic 3-day 21st birthday party experience for our client’s daughter and the rest of his family. To create an impactful and memorable experience for our client’s group, we designed the itinerary to include fine dining, nightclub, and pool party experiences. We hired a photographer to take picture-perfect moments of our client’s trip so they can look back on their memories years down the line.

Our Roles

Stupak designed, coordinated, and managed the entirety of our client’s trip. We were the group’s primary point-of-contact and guided the group throughout the three days they spent in Las Vegas. We managed fine dining reservations, private transportation, hotel suite accommodations, nightclub & pool party reservations, and more. This allowed the client’s group to be present, enjoying every bit of their experience instead of stressing over the details.

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