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21st Birthday Weekend

What does an epic 21st birthday weekend in Las Vegas look like? Read below to find out how one of our clients decided to spend theirs!


Thanks to our meticulous planning and preparation, the client’s party enjoyed an unforgettable 21st birthday extravaganza. The group reveled in the best of what Las Vegas could offer within their budget throughout their stay with us. We seized every opportunity to exceed expectations, striving to astound our clients with our exceptional service.


  • $160,000 total budget
  • 2 nightclubs, 1 pool party
  • 3 fine dining experiences


One of the significant challenges we faced involved coordinating with our private transportation partner to guarantee precise pick-up and drop-off times for the group. The time-sensitive nature of many of the group’s activities demanded thorough planning for each event. We also encountered some obstacles concerning alcohol procurement at one stage, but these issues were promptly rectified once we engaged more closely with the venue.


In response to the group’s desire for an engaging and historic activity, we facilitated a gourmet dining tour through the historic Downtown Las Vegas. The client appreciated the presence of a VIP specialist to navigate them through their Las Vegas journey. This personalized guidance greatly enhanced their enjoyment, especially given the multitude of activities we had arranged within a condensed timeframe.



Upon discovering a Bloomberg article that highlighted our expertise in curating elite Las Vegas experiences, our client recognized a potential ally in planning an upcoming trip. Impressed by our proficiencies, he arranged an initial teleconference to discuss his trip objectives.

The teleconference unfolded his desire for a grand 21st birthday celebration for his daughter in Las Vegas. It was crucial for the client that the event be enjoyable not only for the birthday girl and her friends, but for the entire family. Our detailed discussion allowed us to grasp the breadth of the task at hand, foretelling an exceptional trip that was about to materialize.

The trip begins

Our initial face-to-face encounter with the client took place in his suite at the Encore, where we revisited the agenda and timeline of his comprehensive Las Vegas journey. This procedure is a staple in our approach, accommodating any reasonable eleventh-hour alterations or enhancements the client may wish to introduce.

Day 1 – Thursday

  • Photography session
  • Downtown Las Vegas VIP culinary tour
  • Absinthe acrobatics show experience

Post itinerary review, we introduced a few adjustments to optimally serve the group’s needs. We became aware of a guest with disabilities and hence altered the location of the pool party cabana to include a private restroom. These adaptations were made to ensure that the occasion was equally enjoyable for all participants.

Las Vegas VIP culinary tour

Upon confirming all details, we initiated their adventure with an exclusive photography session, followed by private transportation to a gourmet dining expedition. Over a span of four hours, the guests relished samples from four top-tier restaurants along the Las Vegas Strip. The culinary journey extended to historic Downtown Las Vegas, further enhancing their gastronomic experience.

Subsequent to the culinary expedition, the group was treated to one of the globally recognized and highly acclaimed acrobatic spectacles – Absinthe. This intriguing blend of provocative yet tasteful performance resonated immensely with our guests. Upon the conclusion of the show, we arranged for the group’s safe return to the Encore hotel, where they could rejuvenate.

Las Vegas private limo

Day 2 – Friday

  • Photography session
  • Dinner at Zuma restaurant
  • Marquee Nightclub
  • In-suite after-party

After an exhilarating first day, our guests were raring to experience more of Las Vegas’s allure. We orchestrated a photoshoot for the group and simultaneously coordinated with the dinner venue for the preparation of the birthday cake. We ensured our client’s party was punctually picked up by private transportation for the birthday dinner.

We rendezvoused with the client outside the Cosmopolitan, leading them to Zuma, the selected restaurant. They were ushered into a private room boasting expansive glass windows that offered breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip. The group reveled in a delightful dinner, commemorating the birthday girl’s entrance into legal drinking age with two Nebuchadnezzar bottles of Ace of Spades champagne.

Seafood presentation from Zuma restaurant in Las Vegas

Post-dinner, we divided the group into adults and young adults, guiding them into the renowned Marquee Nightclub. We first introduced the adults to the bottle arrangement and presentation, followed by a personal welcome for the birthday girl and her friends by the venue staff. We also arranged for a third table, which was more accessible for the group member with a disability.

Inside the club, the birthday girl was greeted with a custom bottle presentation, wishing her a happy birthday. The Marquee gave our client’s daughter an unforgettable first club experience, so much so that we extended the pick-up time for private transportation. On returning to their suite, they were pleasantly surprised with a late-night pizza snack. Throughout the evening, our VIP specialist ensured everyone was comfortable and well attended to, focusing on guests who required extra attention.

Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas

Day 3 – Saturday

  • Encore Beach Club pool party
  • Lunch at Sinatra restaurant
  • Dinner at Andrea’s restaurant
  • XS Nightclub

On the following day, our client was primed to partake in the world’s largest pool party at Encore Beach Club. We secured not just the premier cabana in the venue, but our VIP specialist also managed to get them a shout-out from renowned DJ Diplo. Furthermore, the birthday girl and her friends were granted VIP backstage access to meet Diplo, giving them the opportunity to snap pictures with him and his crew.

Despite the exciting events of the day, the adventure wasn’t complete yet! As the pool party wound down, the group savored lunch at Sinatra, after which they retreated to their rooms for rest and preparation for the evening’s revelry. A few hours later, our guests indulged in an exquisite dining experience at Andrea’s inside the Wynn, setting the tone for the night’s activities.

We reconvened with the client’s group at XS nightclub post-dinner. Observing the birthday girl’s enthusiasm during the pool party, we upgraded the client to a table on the dance floor. Our VIP specialist was on hand to ensure the group’s safety while they reveled in the night’s festivities, concluding their remarkable trip on a high note.

XS Las Vegas nightclub

We look forward to our client calling on us again next time!


We orchestrated a spectacular three-day 21st birthday celebration for our client’s daughter, alongside an engaging experience for the entire family. Our tailored itinerary encompassed exquisite dining, thrilling nightclub adventures, and lively pool parties to create a lasting and memorable experience for the group. We also engaged a professional photographer to capture their picture-perfect moments, ensuring they have tangible memories to reminisce about in the years to come.

Our Roles

Stupak took charge of the entire design, coordination, and management of our client’s trip. As the primary liaison, we directed the group throughout their three-day sojourn in Las Vegas. Our responsibilities spanned managing fine dining reservations, private transportation, hotel suite accommodations, and bookings for nightclubs and pool parties, among others. This comprehensive management allowed the client’s group to fully immerse themselves in the experience, savoring every moment instead of getting caught up in logistical details.

Find out how we can help you make your Las Vegas trip an elevated experience.

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