Case Study

40th Birthday Weekend

Below you’ll see how a recent group spent their birthday weekend for those looking for a more refined and elevated experience in Las Vegas.


Our client’s wife was so happy about how thoughtful and thorough everything was on our end. They had a fun and memorable birthday weekend. Our client’s wife was so overjoyed with the experience that she decided to start a conversation with us days after their trip to start planning her husband’s very own birthday weekend!


  • $50,000 budget
  • 22 total guests
  • 34 bottles consumed


Our biggest challenge was expanding our group’s dining and nightclub experiences to accommodate more people. We also negotiated down the table pricing at the last minute so our client could fit the nightclub experience in their budget. For the restaurant, we negotiated with the venue manager to allow more people to join the client’s party at the last minute through our established and future relationships with them.


We realized how fun an in-suite party can be. These are more valuable for the client and their budget due to the amount of custom options that we can add to this type of experience. For example, we placed pictures of the client on a wall, we provided branded coasters, a large birthday cake, a private bartender, multiple go-go dancers, a private DJ, and music that satisfied the client’s taste (as opposed to a club where you listen to the DJ’s set).


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—our favorite projects are those that involve us helping people that are taking care of other people. This was one of those projects.

Our point of contact for this birthday weekend trip was a long-time client of ours who is no stranger to Las Vegas. He wanted to do something special for his wife’s 40th birthday, and since he’s had nothing but great experiences with us, he decided Vegas would be the best place to go for this occasion. We also found out that one of the guests who is close friends with the client’s wife had a birthday that same weekend, so the client wanted to celebrate both of their special days!

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas group photo

After speaking with him to thoroughly understand the complete scope of work, we ironed out the details and got to work on planning the trip over the course of a couple weeks.

Day 1

  • Catch Restaurant at ARIA
  • JEWEL Nightclub at ARIA

The birthday weekend started on a Friday with our client, his wife, and 20 of their guests flying into Las Vegas from all around the United States. We coordinated with each guest to ensure they knew where to go once they landed in Las Vegas as well as checking in guests to their suites as needed.

When all the guests arrived, we met the client and his group at their hotel to transport them towards the trendy Catch Restaurant at ARIA. Catch is known for their seafood and sushi which the group absolutely loved and was something they mentioned that they wanted to eat during the planning stage of the trip. We also snuck in a surprise, complimentary bottle of champagne for the client’s birthday! During dinner, the group enjoyed a few bottles of wine and were feeling ready for the night’s festivities.

Catch Restaurant Las Vegas

After our client’s group finished up at dinner, we escorted them to JEWEL nightclub inside the ARIA. At JEWEL, our client opted for bottle service and a table at the stage right next to the DJ. This is one of the best tables at that nightclub since it’s split into half-tables, allowing a large group (like ours) to enjoy themselves with enough space.

JEWEL was a fan-favorite, and it showed; our guests consumed 7 bottles between themselves! Our guests didn’t stay out too late and were transported back to their hotel around 2am, being careful not to party too much… They still had the next day to enjoy!

Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas

Day 2

  • Encore Beach Club at Wynn’s Encore
  • Private In-Suite Birthday Party at Wynn’s Encore
  • In-Suite Catered Dinner

This is it—the big day! Our client’s group had a birthday breakfast between themselves before meeting their designated VIP specialist at the ropes for Encore Beach Club. We walked our group past the 1-2 hour lines and set them up at their designated bungalow. If you want an elevated experience at the hottest pool party in the world, a bungalow setup with a private bathroom is a MUST.

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas

As our client was enjoying the pool party, our staff members were busy getting the in-suite party ready. Before our guests arrived into town, we ordered wall-sized photo printouts of both the birthday girls. This made the giant suite feel very personalized to our group specifically. We set up balloons & decorations, a personalized birthday cake, stocked the bar for the bartender, ran A/V & power cables for lights and music, and more before our client finished up at the pool.

When our client decided they were finishing up at the pool, our VIP specialist called to let us know what the time frame was. We began coordinating with kitchen staff more closely at the hotel to ensure our client’s group would show up and presented with beautifully presented catered dinner.

Las Vegas birthday party weekend

What happens next is why we love what we do… when our client’s group arrived at the suite, we saw their eyes light up and gleam in awe at the beauty of the suite’s decor intermingled with the finishing touches fit to their specific event.

Our clients spent the rest of the evening enjoying each others’ company in the comfort and privacy of their own suite.

Day 3

  • In-Suite Executive Breakfast
  • Private Transportation to the airport

After two days of fun, our client’s group was ready to head back home. The day before, we coordinated with the hotel’s kitchen staff to ensure our client could have breakfast catered to them inside the suite. After breakfast, we transported our client’s group to the airport, leaving them with memories and stories to share once they arrived back home.


Stupak coordinated an entire weekend for our client, his wife, and 20 guests for a 40th birthday weekend. We wanted to create an elevated experience for the group that is was unlike anything they’ve ever seen. All of the planning paid off, and our guests had a weekend they’ll never forget!

Our Roles

We managed the entirety of the trip: coordinated flights for 22 people, then curated group dining reservations, a nightclub evening, a dayclub afternoon, and an in-suite private party. We planned the weekend from the moment that everyone landed in town, to the moment they departed.

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