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40th Birthday Weekend

Here’s a glimpse into how a recent group celebrated a birthday weekend in Las Vegas, offering a snapshot of the elevated and sophisticated experience that awaits prospective clients.


Our client’s wife was thoroughly delighted by our meticulous and thoughtful planning, making their birthday weekend fun-filled and memorable. Overwhelmed with joy from the experience, she reached out to us days after their trip, eager to initiate the planning process for her husband’s upcoming birthday weekend!


  • $50,000 budget
  • 22 total guests
  • 34 bottles consumed


The most significant challenge we faced was adjusting our group’s dining and nightclub experiences to cater to a larger crowd. We also managed to negotiate reduced table pricing at the last minute, enabling the client to accommodate the nightclub experience within their budget. Regarding the restaurant, we liaised with the venue manager, leveraging our established and future relationships, to enable last-minute additions to the client’s party.


We discovered the immense enjoyment an in-suite party can offer. These types of events can offer greater value to the client and their budget due to the abundance of customizable options we can introduce. For instance, we personalized the space with photos of the client, offered branded coasters, a grand birthday cake, a private bartender, multiple go-go dancers, and a private DJ, providing music tailored to the client’s preference, which contrasts with a club where one is subject to the DJ’s set.


We’ve reiterated this before, and we won’t hesitate to do it again—our most cherished projects involve aiding those who are taking care of others, and this venture was no exception.

Our liaison for this birthday weekend getaway was a long-standing client well-acquainted with the Las Vegas scene. Keen on celebrating his wife’s 40th birthday uniquely, he chose Las Vegas as the ideal destination, owing to the memorable experiences he’d had with us in the past. We further discovered that a close friend of the client’s wife, who was also a guest, had her birthday coinciding with the same weekend. This opened up an opportunity for a dual celebration, making the occasion doubly special!

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas group photo

After speaking with him to thoroughly understand the complete scope of work, we ironed out the details and got to work on planning the trip.

Day 1

  • Catch Restaurant at ARIA
  • JEWEL Nightclub at ARIA

The celebratory weekend kicked off on a Friday as our client, his wife, and 20 of their guests arrived in Las Vegas from various parts of the United States. We liaised with each guest, ensuring they were directed correctly upon landing and facilitated their check-ins to their respective suites.

Once everyone had arrived, we rendezvoused with the client and his party at their hotel and arranged transportation to the chic Catch Restaurant at ARIA. Noted for their seafood and sushi, which the group had expressed a keen interest in during the planning phase, Catch was an instant hit among the attendees. We also surprised the birthday celebrants with a complimentary bottle of champagne. The group savored a few bottles of wine over dinner, gearing them up for the night’s activities.

Catch Restaurant Las Vegas

Following the delightful dinner, we ushered the group to JEWEL nightclub located within ARIA. At JEWEL, our client chose bottle service and a table adjacent to the DJ stage – one of the nightclub’s prime spots due to its split-table arrangement that comfortably accommodates larger groups.

JEWEL proved to be a group favorite, with our guests enjoying seven bottles amongst themselves. Despite their enthusiasm, they wrapped up the night at a sensible hour, returning to their hotel around 2 a.m. They were mindful not to overindulge, knowing they had another exciting day ahead to look forward to!

Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas

Day 2

  • Encore Beach Club at Wynn’s Encore
  • Private In-Suite Birthday Party at Wynn’s Encore
  • In-Suite Catered Dinner

This was the highlight— the main event! The group had a birthday breakfast amongst themselves before rendezvousing with their designated VIP specialist at the entrance to Encore Beach Club. Bypassing the lengthy queues, we guided the group straight to their assigned bungalow. A private bungalow complete with its own bathroom is absolutely essential for an elevated experience at the world’s hottest pool party.

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas

While our client was relishing the pool party, our team was diligently preparing for the in-suite celebration. Prior to the guests’ arrival, we had ordered wall-sized photo printouts of both birthday celebrants, adding a personal touch to the expansive suite. Balloons, decorations, a personalized birthday cake, a stocked bar for the bartender, along with setting up audio-visual equipment for lights and music, were all handled before our client concluded their time at the pool.

As our client’s pool party wound down, our VIP specialist informed us about the timeline. We subsequently intensified coordination with the hotel’s kitchen staff to ensure a beautifully catered dinner would greet our client’s group upon their arrival.

Las Vegas birthday party weekend

The ensuing moments encapsulate why we adore what we do. As the client’s group arrived at the suite, we witnessed their eyes sparkling with amazement, admiring the intricately designed suite adorned with personalized touches tailored to their event.

The group spent the remainder of the evening cherishing each other’s company in the seclusion and comfort of their private suite.

Day 3

  • In-Suite Executive Breakfast
  • Private Transportation to the airport

Following two days of exhilarating fun, the group was prepared to return home. The previous day, we had arranged with the hotel’s kitchen staff to cater breakfast in the suite, providing a leisurely start to their day. Post-breakfast, we organized transportation for the group to the airport, sending them off with unforgettable memories and captivating stories to recount once they got back home.


Stupak orchestrated an entire weekend for our client, his wife, and 20 guests to celebrate a 40th birthday. Our aim was to create an unmatched and elevated experience that would stand out as a unique encounter for the group. The meticulous planning bore fruit, resulting in an unforgettable weekend for our guests!

Our Roles

We assumed full management of the entire trip, overseeing every aspect from coordinating flights for the 22 individuals to curating group dining reservations, organizing a nightclub evening, a dayclub afternoon, and an exclusive in-suite private party. Our meticulous planning and attention to detail encompassed the entirety of the weekend, from the moment the group arrived in town until their departure.

Find out how we can help you make your Las Vegas trip an elevated experience.

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