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Al Dahra Agriculture

How we helped our client connect with their international investors by managing a $200,000 air and ground transportation project across multiple cities


Our client and their guests were impressed with the level of research and service our company provided. We effectively coordinated the itinerary of the client to ensure their needs were exceeded, and it also happened to fall under budget.

We coordinated eight private flights across multiple cities for four days of travel using multiple air and ground transportation companies, some of which were in the most rural areas in the United States. The pristine conditions of the private planes and SUVs impressed both parties, helping further strengthen their positive relationships.


  • 20 travelers
  • 8 flights chartered in 4 days
  • $200,000 transportation budget
  • 4 states visited in 4 days


Rural areas aren’t necessarily known as luxury destinations. Often transportation means faraway airports and traveling on bumpy dirt roads. So, the challenge became, how are we going to provide a white-glove, luxury experience in such remote areas?


Al Dahra and their guests needed to travel between multiple cities in a short amount of time. To ensure their comfort and high expectations were met, we researched the most effective ways to handle their transportation needs in a rural setting. This was not a price-conscious customer—the goal was to leave an impression above all else.


In summer 2018, we helped Al Dahra achieve one of these feats. The purpose of this project was to aid our client in hosting their international farm owners to inspect their investments.

Air transportation options

Based out of the Middle East, our client was hoping to coordinate travel for the investors to their farms located in Arizona, California and Washington. Al Dahra was very particular about the types of aircrafts, so we chose to provide pristine, high-quality Gulfstream GIV and GV planes.

Exterior of one of the Gulfstreams our client ordered.

Since the investors of Al Dahra are wealthy businessmen, they’re accustomed to luxury transportation.

“It was really important to our clients for the owners to feel like VIPs, so we ensured that everything in the transportation and accommodation options we proposed were extremely high-standard.”

We went so far as to arrange for our clients to personally inspect the modes of transportation they would be utilizing for this trip. It was important that everything meet their extravagant taste.

Beige interior for one of the Gulfstream models.
Mahogany accented interior of the second Gulfstream plane.

Ground transportation options

Instead of opting for luxury buses, we chose four-wheel drive Cadillac Escalades, which were four times the cost but proved an excellent choice for navigating the rural terrain. We also decided to add a fourth SUV on the first tour day to ensure an extra level of comfort for everyone, which we worked quickly upon request to make this added arrangements to be included on each leg of this trip.

One of the Cadillac Escalade models that we managed for the client.

We needed to have the SUVs relocate from major cities that were in the vicinity of our pickup spots, so some of these vehicles drove four hours to their destinations.

A sudden change of plans

Another interesting challenge we faced was regarding the aircrafts. Each requires a pilot and a copilot, and unfortunately, the night before the scheduled trip, one of the copilots was injured in a motorcycle accident and unable to fly. There wasn’t enough time to get a replacement, so we had to get a fill-in aircraft from another company to take over one of the planes for that leg.

For the rest of the trip, we gave the client a few options: We could continue with the original aircraft at a slightly higher fee, or we could swap the aircraft for another one entirely. However, if they decided to go with the latter option, the new aircraft would not have been a Gulfstream GIV, and it wouldn’t have been up to their original standards. Ultimately, the client decided to keep the same scheduled aircraft for the remainder of the trip.

Al Dahra farms as seen from above.

We provided extra catering and amenities to make up for the inconvenience. What we learned from this experience was that some aircraft carriers provide trip accident insurance included in the standard fare, and some do not. Carriers that provide this insurance policy cover the difference in cost should something like this happen. Even if the carrier doesn’t offer it with the standard fare it’s an available option, and that’s something that should always be communicated to the client.


Finally, we consulted our client in potential accommodations for their guests. We recommended they stay at the Phoenician Resort in Arizona and the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. These upscale, 5-star hotels matched the expectations and quality of this trip. The client and their guests spent three nights at the Phoenician, booking 17 rooms: one executive suite and 16 deluxe rooms. They also spent one night at the Montage, booking 15 rooms: one executive suite and 14 deluxe rooms.

We were able to get the hotels to provide transportation to and from the airport as a value-add for booking there. Our client was delighted at the extra mile we went to make sure they were getting as much value as possible with the options we gave them.

Exterior shot of the Phoenician Resort in Arizona.

The client’s initial budget was $250,000, but we ended up delivering a high-quality transportation process for $200,000. We not only saved the client money, we offered a phenomenal guest experience from start to finish.


Our client was hosting a tour of their agricultural operations to their investors and wanted to leave them with a lasting impression as VIPs. Over the course of four days, our client and their guests were scheduled to travel back and forth between multiple farms in Arizona, California and Washington. They requested our help with the air and ground transportation logistics for 20 people across multiple cities in the United States.

Our Roles

We were responsible for handling the guest experience between each tour. Since the client was serious about making their guests feel like VIPs, they opted for the most luxurious travel options money could buy. Private jets and black car service were a given. We managed all of the communication with the air and ground transportation companies to ensure our client could focus on engaging with their guests.

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