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How we managed and facilitated a section buyout of a megaclub with a $50,000 budget for more than 80 people


We helped create a strong presence for TravelBank in Hakkasan Nightclub during their annual Las Vegas retreat. With unique branding and presentation displays, we ensured that their name was known by everyone in the club. We ensured that their group of more than 80 people had a seamless experience throughout the evening. This allowed TravelBank leadership to interact with their employees and further develop their relationships.


  • $50,000 total budget
  • 50+ bottles consumed
  • 80+ total attendees


We wanted to give more than 80 people a VIP experience at one of the world’s most popular nightclubs. With so much traffic at this venue, it was important that our clients didn’t feel like they were just another line item on the spreadsheet. To ensure a high-level experience, we needed to coordinate with the in-house team to curate an impressive walk-in experience with expedited entry for their entire group as well as highlight company branding throughout the nightclub.


For corporate clients, keeping their brand perception in mind is key. Some clients ask for anonymity while others want it to be known that they’re “in the house.” Whatever the case may be, Stupak makes an effort to ensure that the visual marketing options are classy and tasteful, furthering our client’s brand image and reputation.


Most businesses don’t realize the access available to help brand and impress their guests outside of the conference room doors when hosting events in Las Vegas. That’s why we’re here to help.

Preliminary planning

TravelBank asked us to find entertainment options for a company of more than 80 employees during their Las Vegas retreat. Armed with a $50,000 budget, they wanted their employees to have an unforgettable night.

From the detailed options we crafted for them, they opted for a private party inside of Hakkasan Nightclub, one of the most popular nightlife destinations in the world. To make the evening even more memorable, we reserved a section of the club that is not available to the public.

Managing and staffing the event

Whenever a client has a large group, we send multiple Stupak staff members to the venue to help keep the group together and to ensure no one has trouble with entry. This event was no different.

Three of our Stupak pros handled the check-in the table before the club opened, ensured the alcohol at the tables was ready, and that the branding and presentation options were set.

When the TravelBank group arrived, we were able to bypass all other Hakkasan patrons, including those with table service, who had to wait in line to enter.

Stupak staff ensured an expedited entry through the security checkpoints and walked the clients to their section in the massive five-floor nightclub. The TravelBank branding on all corners of the venue set the tone for what would be a memorable experience.

Once the guests arrived at their tables next to the DJ booth, all that was left to do was to take in the night.

We also took care of all last-minute changes to the client’s orders and managed the flow of alcohol. This let the drinks and the party keep rolling until 4 a.m. This also made sure the client wasn’t enticed to spend more than they needed to.

It was a pleasure to help TravelBank with their Las Vegas experience and we look forward to them calling on us again soon.


We were approached by TravelBank to plan their annual retreat to Las Vegas. They wanted to celebrate their employee accomplishments and needed help finding the best entertainment options to create a “wow” factor for their employees. We chose Hakkasan Nightclub because world-renowned DJ Tiësto would be performing. We locked in an entire section of the venue next to the DJ booth for the entire evening. We also had branding and presentations for the group, making TravelBank very happy with the overall setup and experience.

Our Roles

Stupak was responsible for researching the best Thursday night happenings for TravelBank. Being responsible for 80-plus guests, we wanted to make sure that the TravelBank leadership could spend their time interacting with their employees and furthering their relationships, not stressing over the logistics of facilitating the venue. All of our efforts really gave the group a VIP experience and made them feel like the club was theirs for the night.

Find out how we can help you make your Las Vegas trip an elevated experience.

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