Case Study

YPO Chicago Chapter

How we created an epic Las Vegas experience for eight CEOs from YPO Chicago’s 2019 forum retreat


We created a full-service travel experience for the YPO Chicago forum group during their annual retreat. We handled all of their transportation, dining, entertainment, hotel accommodations, and nightlife requests. We also recruited a videography team to capture their time in Las Vegas with us to document their experience. We are grateful that they chose us to handle this for them and look forward to being called on again in the future.


  • $10,000 per person budget
  • 8 CEOs from Chicago
  • 3 days & nights


The most challenging part of this project was coordinating not only with the travelers, but with the venues and transportation. We had to plan for any and every contingency in the travel plans for this group. The itinerary for their trip left little room for error, and we had to ensure that everything went smoothly. On top of this, we also had a videography team follow the group around to document their experience, and getting the venues to allow that was challenging.


When we began to design and curate the experience, we weren’t expecting to see how cooperative the top venues would be in showcasing their brands. We were able to get a private tour of the Palms and all of their luxury suites, the chef’s table at Joel Robuchon with a back-of-the-house tour, a speaker for an intimate learning event, and more. We found venues to be more cooperative with us due to the quality and length of relationships we have with decision-makers.


Planning the retreat

We were approached by the YPO Chicago Forum to design and manage their 2019 retreat in Las Vegas for eight of their CEOs. Their idea of a successful retreat required only the best that Vegas has to offer. Needless to say, they came to the right people.

After our initial call, we went to work on designing an unforgettable Vegas experience for them featuring fine dining, private venue tours, adrenaline-fueled excursions, and more.

Here’s the itinerary they ultimately decided on:

YPO Chicago Forum 2019 Retreat Itinerary in Las Vegas
YPO Chicago Forum 2019 Retreat Itinerary in Las Vegas

Designing the Experience

We curated these activities based on our initial conversations with the organizer of the retreat. He mentioned that they wanted a truly unique experience that the group would not be able to experience on their own.

By organizing a private group of colleagues, they were able to have an elevated experience that was amplified by the feeling of enjoying something with their peers.

Once they agreed to our final proposal, we got to work on scheduling their hotel accommodations, dining experiences, private tours, and excursions.

YPO Chicago Forum 2019 Las Vegas Retreat proposal using PandaDoc
The full schedule

Guiding the Experience

Our clients chose us because they understand how large of an impact a curated experience leaves over the do-it-yourself approach. This group knew that working with us meant we were going to be there with them every step of the way.

Day 1: Sunday

  • 5:24pm – Transportation pick up from Signature flights
  • 6:00pm – VIP Culinary tour
  • 9:00pm – Transportation from Aria to Maverick Helicopters
  • 9:15pm – Strip helicopter tour
  • 9:45pm – Transportation from Maverick to Encore
  • 10:00pm – Encore check in
  • 10:30pm – Reception in Encore 3 Bedroom Apartment

Upon their arrival to Las Vegas, we met the YPO Chicago group for the first time in person at the airport tarmac. We greeted them with a welcome package consisting of recovery elixirs, vitamins, aspirin, and water, among other things.

Guests were handed their hotel room key cards as soon as they walked out of their private air transport and immediately started their Vegas adventure. All of their rooms were pre-checked in and their luggage was personally delivered to their rooms by Stupak staff. We coordinated with the hotel to ensure everyone was on the same floor, allowing our guests to easily access each other should they need to do so.

The final proposal we sent them.

To start, we began their guided experience with a three-hour VIP culinary tour throughout the Strip. Guests were escorted to four of Vegas’ most highly acclaimed restaurants in one evening.

After their culinary tour, they were treated to a breathtaking helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip.

Finally, they finished their evening with a private welcome reception at one of the most exclusive suites in Las Vegas at the Encore. This exquisite 3 Bedroom Apartment Duplex is usually reserved for only the most esteemed guests. We staffed a bartender and host to serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Day 2: Monday

  • 7:00am – Continental Breakfast in room
  • 8:00am/9:00am – Encore Spa
  • 4:45pm – Transportation to Escape Room
  • 5:20pm – Escape Room
  • 6:20pm – Transportation to The Palms
  • 6:45pm – Palms Property tour
  • 8:30pm – Scotch 80 Prime Restaurant @ Palms (Private room – Steve Cyr book signing event)
  • 11:00pm – Transportation from The Palms to Encore

Our guests started their second day with a continental breakfast we prepared for them at the same luxury suite we reserved for their welcome reception. They were treated to healthy proteins and fruits to help them start their day. After breakfast, our guests were treated to a relaxing morning at the premier Encore Spa.

Las Vegas boasts some of the best escape room experiences in the world. These types of excursions encourage team building and communication between our guests, having them solve puzzles under a time constraint.

Off-road Baja Truck racing excursion

After the escape room, our guests were transported to the Palms to experience a private tour of their newly renovated facilities. Our guests were shown all of the themed suites they had available along with a review of the art and history of the venue.

Guests finished their night with dinner at the newly opened Scotch 80 Prime restaurant, along with a private learning event and book signing by Las Vegas legend Steve Cyr.

Day 3: Tuesday

  • 9:00am – Transportation from Encore to Vore/Speedvegas
  • 9:30am – Baja Truck racing
  • 12:00pm – Transportation from Baja trucks to Encore
  • 2:15pm – Transportation from Encore as directed
  • 7:30pm – Transportation from Encore to MGM Grand
  • 8:30pm – Joel Robuchon Restaurant @ MGM Grand
  • 11:00pm – Transportation from MGM Grand to Bellagio conf
  • 11:30pm – Hyde Nightclub @ Bellagio
  • 1:30am – Transportation from Bellagio to Encore

The third day was the finale of the guided experience we curated for our clients. We started their morning with an exhilarating off-road racing excursion. Our clients were able to experience a thrilling drive filled with many jumps and drifts.

After, our clients went back to their suites to freshen up before exploring the Strip as they wanted.

For their evening experience, we transported our clients to the MGM Grand to dine at Joel Robuchon, the only Michelin 3-Star restaurant in the city. The dining experience is so luxurious that it boasts a Forbes Five Star Award, a AAA Five Diamond Award, and the Wine Spectator’s Grand Award. Our clients were treated to dinner at the chef’s table, finishing with a private back-of-the-kitchen tour guided by the executive chef.

YPO Chicago Forum group picture with executive chef Christophe De Lellis
YPO Chicago Forum group picture with executive chef Christophe De Lellis

After dinner, our clients finished their night with bottle service at Hyde Nightclub inside the Bellagio. Hyde is a trendy venue that appeals to a more laid-back crowd. The group enjoyed a night of celebration before being transported back to their suites.

Day 4: Wednesday

  • 8:00am – American (hot) Breakfast in room
  • 9:30am – Transportation from Encore to Signature Flight

For the final day, we treated our guests to a private breakfast in the largest suite we reserved for them just before transporting them back to the airport.

We were able to curate and design an incredibly sophisticated retreat for the YPO Chicago Forum. Our guests were treated to a Vegas experience they otherwise would not have been able to thanks to our experience and the relationships we have nurtured over the years. We look forward to the YPO Chicago Forum calling on us again next time they’re in town.


The Chicago chapter of the Young Presidents Organization asked us to host eight CEOs on their annual forum retreat to Las Vegas. We provided front-to-back travel management to their group, from the time they landed on the airport tarmac to the time they departed. Since we had already pre-arranged the entire experience for them, they took no money out of their pockets while they were in town. They just showed up and had an incredible experience.

Our Roles

We were the travel designer, curator, coordinator, facilitator, and guide for the group. Our mission was to manage all of the logistics for this group and just let them have the time of their life. We planned everything in the background but also acted as their personal host, giving them back-of-the-house tours at upscale kitchens, luxury suites, and entertaining our guests with historical commentary on locations they visited.

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