1 OAK Las Vegas

Operating Hours — 10:30pm to CLOSE: Wednesday, Friday – Saturday

Straight from New York, 1 OAK arrived on the scene ready to live up to its hype. Short for One-of-a-Kind, The Mirage nightclub is the perfect space for those wanting a more intimate experience like you might find, say, back east.

1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas

With 16,000-square-feet, two separate rooms and plenty of tables and dance floor real estate, it’s easy to carve out a space for the night and get down to the heavy beats for which the club has become known.

Thanks to names such as Wale, Tory Lanez and Lil Uzi Vert, on the nights of special performers and hosts like the aforementioned it’s one of the toughest tickets in town to get. That makes it all the more special when only you and 1,599 others get access. These are the times it pays to not play the megaclub game. Plus, with super plush couches, artwork and unobstructed views across the main room, the venue itself feels like a really upscale house party—one with stripper poles that is.

1 OAK Las Vegas

Stupak’s Note

“Kanye West threw his infamous New Years Eve party at 1 OAK—guests included Leonardo DiCaprio amongst others. Scott Disick of the Kardashian family also seems to fancy this club as he can frequently be seen hosting many parties at 1 OAK. It seems that this club knows how to attract A-listers, so you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with some pretty esteemed guests by spending a weekend evening here.

1 OAK has clubs in LA, NYC, Dubai, and more, so they know how to create a stunning production. If you’re looking for something outside of the mega-club experience, we think you’ll enjoy what 1 OAK has to offer.”

Behind the Ropes

Surprise Guests: 1 OAK has played host to many celebrity guests, many of whom roll in on a whim and some even jump up for an impromptu performance. We won’t bore you with the names; you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

Incognito: Located on the north end of the hotel, 1 OAK’s entrance sits right next to The Mirage’s north valet entrance. So if you’re looking to slip in and slip out, it’s less than twenty steps from car to club entrance. But if you end up at Table 33, the owner’s table, all bets of staying low key are no longer in your favor.