Apex Las Vegas

Operating Hours — 8:00pm to CLOSE: Thursday – Sunday

Palms is back with a $620 million renovation vengeance, and with it all new iterations of nightlife.

Apex Social Club

Apex Social Club has taken over what once, and famously so, was Ghostbar. Located on the 55th floor, you’re guaranteed the best view of Las Vegas. That’s thanks to the casino resort’s just-off-the-Strip address.

Beyond the stunning panoramic view, it’s also what’s inside that’s worth seeing. One-of-a-kind art pieces include four humanoid sculptures by Dustin Yellin that speak to the direction of the venue. (Each one is said to be valued around $150,000.) Apex is not only looking down below at its competition, it’s setting a new standard of understated elegance and fun.

Apex Social Club Las Vegas

Stupak’s Note

“Las Vegas’ newest venue offers a great view of the strip with indoor/outdoor options. This upscale lounge opened with some critically acclaimed headliners like J. Cole, Scott Disick, and Nas. The venue is known to be a favorite hangout spot of Las Vegas-based models, so you can be sure to find a good ratio of women to men.”

Behind the Ropes

The Bar: Spend some time at the bar. Yes, grab a drink, but also look around. The graphite and sapphire bar, the elegant outfits worn by the cocktail servers and bartenders, the light fixtures above, it’s all worth a second take.

The Calendar: Expect this to change over the course of the social club’s infancy as comes into its own.