Hakkasan Las Vegas

Located inside the MGM Grand, 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Operating Hours — 10:30pm to CLOSE: Thursday – Sunday

When Hakkasan Las Vegas arrived on the scene just over half a decade ago, it came to make a statement. That came in the form of a five-story, 80,000-square-foot adult playground.

Hakkasan Nightclub and Restaurant

The bottom two levels house the restaurant and private dining room—Hakkasan Group, which operates many nightlife and dining venues in Las Vegas, began its business as a Michelin star restaurant—where Cantonese cuisine is king.

Above that are Ling Ling Club and Ling Ling Lounge, two separate Hip Hop rooms where you can post up for the night or grab a cocktail on your way up to the main room. These two rooms operate like a club-within-a-club, featuring the latest hip hop tracks.

The fourth and fifth floors include the main room, where you’re likely to see the same rotating headliners as Omnia Nightclub such as Tiesto, Kaskade, and Hardwell, the Mezzanine level overlooking all the revelry below and finally the Pavilion, which serves as either an extension of the nightclub or a secluded room depending on the night. It’s a sense of arrival that still vibrates through the walls today.

Hakkasan Las Vegas

Stupak’s Note

“Hakkasan has the best sound system in Vegas. The energy on the dance floor is mesmerizing. You can feel the bass of the beats and the music pulsate all throughout your body.

Table 11 puts you right in the center of the dance floor looking at the DJ, where you’re directly in front of the music waves blasting in your direction. The energy is unlike anything you’ll feel, and we recommend this table for one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.”

Behind the Ropes

Inside Look: If you want to keep sipping on the Hakkasan Restaurant menu cocktails, Ling Ling Lounge, which boasts 11 VIP tables, is the only place in the club to do so. And if you’re after tunes beyond the EDM-heavy main room, check out the Ling Ling Club and its open-format DJs.

Unique Visitors: Though the nightclub has seen its more than share fair of famous stars walk through its doors, one the eve of the Stanley Cup Championship series MVP Alex Ovechkin carried the Cup across the main lobby and through the casino floor before making his way into the club to celebrate The Washington Capitals victory of the Vegas Golden Knights. Now with pro-sports, it’s our best guess who else is going to show up.