Case Study

Berkeley Haas School of Business

We provided strategic support and logistics planning for a highly-regarded business graduate program to coordinate a Las Vegas trip. This ambitious endeavor involved catering to over 400 participants and efficiently managing a substantial budget of $300,000.


We were able to create an excellent guest experience thanks to avid communication and a well planned execution. This allowed us to showcase that we are experts in our field and our service is unrivaled.

Our client was able to accomplish their goals within budget while exceeding expectations and garnering a positive impression in the eyes of their group.


  • 400 guests serviced
  • $300,000 total budget
  • 127 hotel rooms booked


In such a competitive landscape, we had to show our client why they should partner with us. They needed help simplifying complex large scale events and room blocks from a company with experience. After winning their business and working with them, we wanted to exceed what we did for them the previous year and once again impress the attendees in their group.


The first time we worked with the client we had to discover their goals, budget and priorities. Our years of experience and consistent communication with the group help us accomplish this. During the second year with the client, the acting organizer wanted to make the 2018 trip the best trip yet. We were able to deliver because of an early start to planning and the knowledge we gained from the client’s goals the previous year.


2017 Las Vegas trip

Our mission in 2017 was to secure a long-lasting professional relationship with the esteemed institution UC Berkeley by proving our worth through excellent service delivery. We were tasked with ensuring a top-notch experience for their group of 175 members. Over three months, we collaborated closely with five event organizers, whose mandate was to make this the most memorable graduate school trip to date.

UC Berkeley 2017 private party Las Vegas
                             The UC Berkeley group had a great time in 2017.

To create an exceptional experience, we synthesized all the necessary information and presented our clients with various meticulously planned proposals to secure their business. Although they were in discussions with several other companies, they chose us based on our expertise in handling large organizations, our robust relationships with various venues and hotels, and our commitment to delivering superior service while adhering to their budget.

The first challenge was to find accommodation for the sizable group. We negotiated exclusive hotel rates significantly lower than those accessible to the general public.

The group made Mandalay Bay Resort their temporary home, occupying 65 double queen rooms and two expansive penthouse suites. For their night-time entertainment, they opted for Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM Grand, acquiring half of the Main Room Mezzanine for an exclusive experience. This private, cordoned-off area provided an intimate balcony view overlooking the DJ booth, adding to the VIP feel. The vibrant energy of Hakkasan was a big hit with the group.

Matt Irwin with Berkeley Haas organizers
          Matt Irwin of Stupak Las Vegas, with the Berkeley Haas organizers.

The following day, the group headed to Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay. We suggested Daylight as the venue offered the most space while remaining within the allocated budget. The club provided us with an exclusive buyout of their luxurious cabana sections, only accessible to our clients, at an incredibly competitive price.

2018 Las Vegas trip


Organizing the 2018 trip for our client presented a fresh set of challenges. The graduate school annually appoints different organizers, fostering a friendly rivalry to outperform the previous year’s planners. Having already earned their trust and established a strong working relationship, we eagerly accepted the task.

This year saw an increased number of attendees – up to 225. Leveraging our negotiation skills, we secured an incredibly discounted hotel net rate of 70 percent off the retail price. We booked cheaper rates than the previous year and managed to reserve over 700 square feet suites for each attendee at the Delano Hotel. Our long-standing partnerships with Mandalay Bay and Delano executives facilitated early room reservations.

The group found comfortable accommodations at the Delano, occupying 60 double queen suites and two expansive penthouse suites.

For their evening entertainment, we secured a private area on the terrace of Intrigue Nightclub at Wynn Resort. Intrigue was chosen for its ample space, the open and covered terrace patio area, and its proximity to the DJ booth. The renowned artist Diplo was performing that night. Not only did our group enjoy a more extensive, closer space to the DJ, but we also managed to save them money while providing the same quantity of beverages they had enjoyed the previous year at Hakkasan. The weather was perfect, and the group relished the exquisite outdoor layout and clean design, trademarks of the Wynn properties.

Regarding the daytime activities, Daylight proved to be an immense success the previous year, leading us to reserve the same spot for our clients again. We made subtle modifications to the alcohol distribution, which enabled the group’s drink credit to extend an additional hour compared to the previous year. We concluded the day with a unique “Berkeley Haas” bottle presentation and a special DJ shoutout for the group.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Berkeley’s Haas School of Business again in the not-too-distant future.


We managed a group of 175 and another of 225 in 2017 and 2018, respectively. This was to mark the end of their MBA program at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and we ensured that their celebrations would be an experience to remember. It was a pleasure working with the organizers of this project.

Our Roles

We were responsible for highlighting viable options, walking the client through proposals and securing agreements with the venues. We also facilitated the events by staffing them with Stupak members to ensure that the clients could interact with their guests and to handle any issues that may come up.

Find out how we can help you make your Las Vegas trip an elevated experience.

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