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XS Nightclub & Night Swim

XS Nightclub at the Wynn is everything that Las Vegas embodies: opulence, indulgence, and seduction. Open Friday and Saturday nights, then Sunday nights for “Night Swim,” XS is one of the best clubs to frequent on the weekends. The 40,000 square foot facility is equipped with an indoor/outdoor DJ booth, pool, and patio area, and is packed every time. Top names from the EDM world are signed to residencies here, so you’re basically guaranteed to see one of your favorite acts while at XS.

What it’s like

This club is literally dripping in gold. It is sexy and modeled after the female body, as embodied in its decor. XS is one of Las Vegas’ most expensive nightclubs built to date. It ranks among the top grossing nightclubs in the world year after year. My first night working as a VIP host was at XS. As a then-outsider, everything seemed like organized chaos… all the experienced hosts knew what was happening at a fast paced speed and seemed to be running around all over the venue. It was overwhelming, which is how a first time XS or Vegas club goer in general will most likely feel.

Tickets and Tables

Women can expect to pay between $20-75 for GA entry and men can expect to pay between $30-100. The prices vary depending on the act of the night from XS’s roster of big time DJs including the Chainsmokers and Kygo. For $5 dollars off your guest list ticket enter code STUPAK. Table prices also vary between $1,000 for an outdoor table to $15,000 for the owner’s table real estate. For super special events, like when Drake performs, and on the highest demand weekends of the year, the most premium tables can get into the 30k minimum range.

Club hours: 10:00-4:00am

Music Type: House/EDM

Resident DJs/Artists: Alesso, The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Dillon Francis, Diplo, DJ Snake, Drake, Flosstradamus, Kygo, Major Lazer, RL Grime, and more. 


XS is located in the Wynn hotel and casino on the north side of the Las Vegas Strip.

Dress Code

Dress codes are pretty strict when it comes to nightclubs in Vegas, and you WILL be turned away if you do not follow them. Men, steer clear of wearing any athletic types of clothing (shorts, jerseys, baseball caps, athletic sneakers). Your best bet is to wear a collared shirt or something trendy. Women, you can get away with more, but a dress and heels is always a safe option.

VIP Hosts – Click here to make a reservation with one of our VIP hosts

The Line

The line starts getting crowded around 10:00/10:30 pm, so if you have not pre-paid for a table in advance, there is not a guarantee that you will get in, especially on a busy night. So show up early! Men, if you get there early, you have a better chance of meeting girls because they get in free before a certain time at most venues. You can meet them before you go in and secure plans for the rest of the night because, early, there is a better ratio in line. Coming from a girl, after about an hour or two of being in the club and being hit on by a bunch of people, we’re less likely to give you a chance because we’re honestly just sick of it. So shoot your shot early, you have a better chance before we’re drunk and complaining that our feet are hurting from our heels. 

Floor Plan

Main Room Floor Plan

4 tops – $1,000 – $2,000 drink minimum, fits up to 6 comfortably, the smallest and least expensive tables in the house, towards the back, behind the third tier couches.

Back wall – $2,000 – $3,000 drink minimum, fits up to 8 people, but that’s a squeeze, so some can sit on the seat’s ledges as well. Located against the back wall, you’re still in view of the DJ and in proximity to the dance floor. Good value table for the price.

3rd tier couch and 3d tier big couch – $3,000 – $5,000 drink minimum, fits up to 12 guests on the big couch, 10 on the standard 3rd tier couch. If you get a big couch, the walkway to the dance floor passes right by you, allowing mingling with other club-goers and attention to your group. This table is also right by the dance floor.

Upper dance floor – $6,000+ drink minimum, can fit up to 15 guests. This is a great deal instead of a lower dance floor table because you are only a few feet back and it will save you a few thousand dollars. You’ll get a great view of the DJ and plenty of space to party. Depending on the number of guests in your group, you may have to share the space with another party, however, you’ll each have your own bottles and service. This is a special circumstance that does not occur very often. 

Lower dance floor – $7,000+ drink minimum, can fit up to 15 people. These are the most wanted tables in the whole venue, and are priced as such. They’re immediately on the dance floor and in direct view of the DJ. You’ll be surrounded by people dancing on all sides, however, the table allows private space for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Owners table – $8,000+ drink minimum, can fit up to 20 people. This is the most expensive bottle service option in the venue, and therefore has the best real-estate available. It’s called the “owners table” because these are the tables that executives buy out when the come to XS. They are right near the DJ booth, have prime traffic to get to the dance floor, and no tables in front of them blocking the view. You basically own the place for the night if you sit here. 

Outside Floor Plan

Day Bed – $1000 – $2,000+ drink minimum, can fit 8-10 people. They line the outside of the pool and can vary in distance to the DJ booth. This is the most popular bottle service option for Night Swim nights, however are available at a reduced price for regular nightclub nights. They do not look like daybeds, but instead are mostly tables.

Immediate patio / patio booth – $1,500 – 2,000+ drink minimum and can fit around 8 people. They are right behind the DJ booth in the outside area and are extremely sought after on summer nights. 

Lower cabana – $2,000+ drink minimum, can fit up to 10 people. If you have a larger party, this is a great alternative choice for you, as it is a bit farther away from all the action, but you have your own space with be with your group. 

Upper cabana – $1,500+ drink minimum, can hold up to 8 people. You might seem further from the party, but if you get an upper cabana over the bar, then everyone is under you and you can overlook the whole crowd. It is the right choice if you want more private space with your group.

2nd row daybed – $1,500+ drink minimum, can fit up to 6 people. These daybeds are the farthest from the pool, however can save you around $1,000 if you choose this option over the first row daybeds. You’ll have a blast no matter where you end up sitting. 

Best Value Tables 

The immediate patio tables are absolutely the best value tables in the whole place. You’re in perfect view of the DJ booth outside while not paying for the pricey view from the lower dance floor tables. Because you’re outside, you have your own space to party and we stage the furniture in a way to maximize space like no other host can, therefore optimizing your experience. 

Night Swim

Night Swim is XS’ Sunday night party. It is the perfect way to end your weekend, especially if you’ve been partying all day. Night swim is perfect if you know you’re drunk or tired, and don’t want to go back to your room to change and shower, because that’s honestly a whole lot of effort. Go straight from Encore Beach Club, or another day club, to dinner and then rally with your friends to XS Night Swim in whatever you’ve been wearing during the day. At XS Night Swim, you’ll see a mixture of casual outfits and club dresses, really anything goes. Other clubs have their own “Night Swims,” but the one at XS is by far the best one out there. 

This is because XS has the biggest DJs, and on Night Swim nights, the tables are a lot less expensive that normal. You get access to the hottest acts for just a portion of the regular price! Sunday is the better night to go rather than on Wednesday, because this is the night that most industry workers go out. Industry workers are the people who work the nightlife scene at all the clubs you frequent. They are some of the most attractive people on the strip; the venues definitely keep looks in mind when hiring. Because they typically work weekends, Sunday night is the night they have off! The hottest crowd is always at XS, but Sunday night Night Swims are guaranteed. 

Stupak’s Note

“XS is home to the most grand of entrances, and the venue flows toward the DJ. The inside captivates the human imagination and gives you a sense of awe. You don’t need a table to have fun, either. The venue is sprawling and encourages patrons to explore. The inside was built with VIPs in mind, but the outdoor area is so large that it essentially serves as an outdoor festival. The tables outside are affordable and large, allowing you to host a large group without feeling overly crowded.”

Behind the Ropes

Pinkies Up: Why don’t you dive into a $10,000 cocktail? The Ono Cocktail is Rémy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac, Champagne, Sence Nectar rose extract, fresh-squeezed orange juice and apricot puree all served in a jewel-encrusted glass. Oh, and don’t forget the his and hers 18-karat gold necklace with a Tahitian black pearl and Mont Blanc gold and leather cuff links.

To book your reservation or learn more about how Stupak Las Vegas can elevate your next night at XS, visit our website or call   us today!


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Nevada Stupak

Nevada Stupak

The Stupak name has been synonymous with Vegas for over 40 years, being one of the first 100 families that built Las Vegas into what it is today as published by the largest circulating daily newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review Journal. Hospitality is in our blood. You can count on us to make your trip to Las Vegas a fun, memorable, and hassle-free experience.
Nevada Stupak

Nevada Stupak

The Stupak name has been synonymous with Vegas for over 40 years, being one of the first 100 families that built Las Vegas into what it is today as published by the largest circulating daily newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review Journal. Hospitality is in our blood. You can count on us to make your trip to Las Vegas a fun, memorable, and hassle-free experience.

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