Guide to the Ultimate Weekend in Las Vegas

You and your friends want to come to Sin City, but have no idea where to start. With so many to choose from, how do you know which clubs are perfect for you and your group?

Las Vegas is the world’s capital for nightlife. Cities like NYC, London, Barcelona, and Miami can’t compare to its gravity of luxury, venue size, and talent residence because Las Vegas properties are the only ones who have deep enough pockets to accommodate it. With almost half of the world’s largest hotels residing here Las Vegas, it is the ultimate destination for an elevated getaway.

Vegas is home to some of the best clubs in the world, hosting the hottest talent out there. Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Cardi B, Marshmello, and more play the club venues multiple times each weekend, giving visitors the most extravagant experience in most lavish environment. Cutting edge sound systems, luxurious decor, colossal square footage, and thousands of nightly partiers, the Vegas clubs are a DJ’s dream gig come true.

It can be complicated planning a trip for 6-10 people while somehow pleasing everyone.  We take the stress out of planning your vacation, so we’ve broken down exactly what we can get you for the weekend for a $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000 budget.

$10,000 Budget Tier

This is a great price point for an entry level trip.  In this package, we allot the money for a two night stay in a luxury hotel on the strip, 1 day and 1 night of partying at the top clubs, and an unforgettable dining experience at one of the city’s top restaurants.

FRIDAY DAY – The Aria Resort & Casino

After a long day of international travel, you are going to want to take it easy for a while.  The City Center is the largest privately financed hospitality development in the United States.  The Aria Resort and Casino is the centerpiece of that project. Relax in its deluxe rooms featuring  2 queens per suite so that each guest gets their own bed. Each room is equipped with 2 queen sized beds, a 42″ LCD HD television, and a bedside 7” Control 4 touch screen remote. Each room costs $682.61 for a two night stay. The Aria is the biggest structure in the City Center, featuring renowned restaurants, nightclubs, a world renowned spa, and exquisite artwork.  Better yet, it is situated in walking distance to the rest of the venues on your itinerary!

FRIDAY NIGHT – Marquee Nightclub ft. DJ Mustard

Marquee is the nightclub that heightened the bar for what a nightlife experience should be.  With live dancers, a unique dance floor, elaborate decor, Marquee changed the game. That night, you and your guests will head over to the Cosmopolitan for an incredible night out at Marquee Nightclub.  This award-winning nightclub stretches across 60,000 square feet, 3 decadent rooms, and features top rated artists/djs. Your designated VIP specialist will meet your group outside the venue and escort you from rope to your first drink at your reserved, preset table in under ten minutes.  

You’ll be placed at a ½ upper dance floor table that comfortably seats 10-12 people. Everything will already be set up by the time you arrive. Half upper dance floor tables are located at eye level with the DJ booth and are seated just above the dance floor. The table layout is a “U” shaped booth that can be split between two groups or bought as one table.  An upper dance floor table is so valuable because there is a lot of traffic near your table, allowing you to meet other clubgoers, but still remain in close proximity to the DJ booth. With your bottles waiting for you upon arrival at your table and a $2,000 beverage credit, you’re sure to have an unforgettable night. We’ll take care of the payment before you arrive, therefore alleviating the chance that you go over your drink minimum, and paying for more than you expected. The total including tax and tip will be $3,250.00.

SATURDAY DAY- Wet Republic Day Club ft. Tiesto

Wet Republic is the original home of EDM pool parties.  A revolutionary of its time, it is one of Vegas’ hottest day Day parties each weekend. Located at the MGM Grand, party goers can begin their drinking benders in this hot spot around 10am. The facility is equipped with cabanas, day-beds, and bungalows.  Your VIP host will meet you outside of the venue at a time that is comfortable for you and escort you to your day bed where your bottles await you. Daybeds are located in the epicenter of the party with easy access to the pool able, comfortably seats 6-10 guests, and allows a $2000 minimum Food & Beverage credit.

The total for the day including venue fees, taxes, and tips will be $3,250.00.

$25,000 Budget Tier

This package will elevate your Las Vegas Experience to a premium level.

HOTEL – Bella Suites at the Venetian

Your two night stay at the luxury Venitian hotel will include bookings in the Prima (1,500sq ft) and Renaissance (1,980sq ft) adjacent suites so that you and your guests have privacy but remain close in proximity.  The rest of your group will be booked in the Bella Suites (700sq ft each) on the same level. Prima and renaissance suites together for two nights will cost $2,458.32 and each Bella Suite for two nights will cost $699.46.

FRIDAY DINNER – Pre-club dinner at Mott 32

You can get a few hours rest in after Encore, because we’ve already set up your dinner reservation for the night. Located on the first floor of your hotel, Mott 32 is a contemporary chinese restaurant.  It celebrates the culture and cuisine of Hong Kong, while using the latest and most innovative cooking techniques and flavors. Enjoy great food at a top rated restaurant before your crazy night kicks off.

FRIDAY NIGHT – Hakkasan Nightclub ft. Steve Aoki

Hakkasan is located in the MGM Grand resort. Not only is it one of the top nightclubs in the world, but it also serves as a renowned asian fusion restaurant/lounge by day. When the venue transitions into the club, you’re transcended into a lavish edm wonderland. We’ll escort you to your 2nd row dance floor table through the VIP exclusive entrance and have your pre ordered bottles waiting at your seat.  Located near the dance floor with views of the DJ booth, your guided and elevated experience includes a $4,000 beverage credit will last you through the night. The total for this epic experience will be $5,890.00

SATURDAY DAY – Encore Beach Club ft. Diplo

EBC is the hottest place to be on a warm Vegas summer day. The moment you walk into Encore Beach Club, the magnitude, deluxe architecture, and chic setup takes your breath away.  Your VIP specialist will meet you outside the venue to escort your group through the 2 hour line in under 10 minutes. Your drinks will be waiting for you at your private DJ pool deck table right near the resident DJ. The table comfortably seats 10 guests, and includes a $5,000 food and beverage credit.  After venue fees, tip, and tax, the best day party of your life will cost $7,425.00.

SATURDAY NIGHT – Omnia Nightclub ft. Loud Luxury

Omnia is Las Vegas’ most expensive club built to date costing roughly $100 million to build. It is located in its own building of Ceasar’s Palace, and is the hottest nightclub in the city. You are guaranteed to have the best night of any vacation you’ve ever taken. Omnia is best known for its opulent and eye-catching chandelier which is the main focus of the club decor. Your VIP specialist will escort you through the crowd and to your exclusive upper dance floor table.  Dance floor tables are located on the main dance floor in front of the DJ booth and feature a $5,000 beverage credit for the night. You’re in the perfect spot to have fun with your group but also mingle with other party-goers. After calculating fees and tips, your night at Omnia will cost $7,425.00

$50,000 Budget Tier

FRIDAY – Arrival

Ride like a celebrity when Stupak picks you and your group up from the airport in a F-650 monster limo. It’s the perfect way to kick off the legendary weekend you’re about to have with us.  Well drive you straight to the Cosmopolitan Hotel for your 2 night stay in the three bedroom Chelsea Penthouse Suite, and the terrace studio suites for your other guests. This features the most advanced technology, floor-to-ceiling windows, a separate wet bar, and a kitchenette with serving space. Several offer terraces with panoramic views. For the remaining guests, we will book 2 double queen terrace studios.  They feature warm, welcoming touches and a luxurious bathroom with an exquisite marble floor. Glass doors open onto an expansive private terrace with unparalleled views of The Strip and surrounding areas. The Chelsea Suite will cost $9,538.00 for two nights while the studio rooms will be $1,643.50 for two nights. You and your guests will be living in luxury for the entire weekend.

FRIDAY NIGHT – Omnia Nightclub ft. Calvin Harris

This is the most sought-after act in the most popular club on the strip, access to this experience is something truly exclusive.  Your designated VIP specialist will meet you outside the venue at Caesars Palace and escort you past the crowd of thousands trying to get in.  Well arrange for your bottles to be waiting at your VIP owners table by the time you get there. The owners table is the most expensive and valuable real-estate in the club.  You have Exclusive VIP access for up to 15 guests, your table located on the main dance floor in front of the DJ booth, and an $8,000 beverage credit.  After fees and tips, this will cost $11,250.00.  This night might be the highlight of your trip and maybe even your entire adult life.

SATURDAY DAY – Kaos Dayclub ft. Marshmello

Kaos is Las Vegas’ newest and hottest day-club/nightclub. The Palms Resort is in the finishing stages of $690 million renovation that included building this multi-million dollar EDM haven. Because Kaos is all the rage, they have the hottest artist line up the strip has ever seen. Your VIP specialist will guide you to your private beach club demon bungalow. Located in the center of the venue,which allows you to overlook the whole party.  You have the flexibility to lounge out on your private daybed or stay shaded in the luxury of your reserved bungalow. Directly outside your exclusive bungalow is a private pool reserved for just you and your guests. The bungalow also includes a private pool overlooking the party, as well as a private bathroom, so you never have to wait in line for any facility. This is the venue’s most exclusive area, and will make you and your guests feel like a true highroller.


STK is one of the city’s hottest restaurants,  you get to experience it in a private setting. We’ll arrange for your group to have an exclusive dining experience in the restaurant’s private room. The package comes with a $2,500 open food and drink credit that you can add to if you chose to do so. This is the ultimate dining experience on the strip.

SATURDAY NIGHT – XS Nightclub ft. The Chainsmokers

XS is one of Las Vegas’ most expensive nightclubs built to date. It ranks among the top grossing nightclubs in the world year after year.Its facilities include patio space, a large outdoor pool, an indoor/outdoor DJ booth, upper dance floor and lower dancefloor.  

We’ll meet you outside the venue, and get you rope to drink in under ten minutes.  Well show you to lower dance floor table #510 or #610 with bottles ready to pop. The beauty of this location is that your close enough to the DJ booth to really feel the energy of the party, but private enough to have your own space with your friends.  You’re in most valuable real estate of the club; you get the most for your money and get to be right up front for live performances. This space comes with a $8,000 beverage credit. After venue fees and waitress tips, this elevated experience will cost $11,573.00.

These are just starting points for your elevated Last Vegas experience, and we can build out a more personalized experience to fit your budget comfort zone. We are the only ones who can make you feel like you own the city from the minute that you arrive.  Check out our million dollar bachelor party here! To book a similar trip to the ones described in this article, or inquire about other options, click the link to set up a phone call with us today.

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Nevada Stupak

Nevada Stupak

The Stupak name has been synonymous with Vegas for over 40 years, being one of the first 100 families that built Las Vegas into what it is today as published by the largest circulating daily newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review Journal. Hospitality is in our blood. You can count on us to make your trip to Las Vegas a fun, memorable, and hassle-free experience.
Nevada Stupak

Nevada Stupak

The Stupak name has been synonymous with Vegas for over 40 years, being one of the first 100 families that built Las Vegas into what it is today as published by the largest circulating daily newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review Journal. Hospitality is in our blood. You can count on us to make your trip to Las Vegas a fun, memorable, and hassle-free experience.

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