Case Study

CEO Bachelor Parties

How we created an epic bachelor party for a high-profile CEO and 40 guests spanning over three days with a $1,000,000 budget.


Our client was extremely satisfied with the level of experience and service they received throughout the weekend. Since that event, we have gotten a plethora of new, high-end accounts from the CEO referring us to his network. It paid off greatly to go above and beyond for our client and we are grateful for being able to develop that relationship.


  • $1 million total budget
  • 41 total guests
  • 3 days of epic parties


Getting prime real estate at some of the most popular clubs in the world is no easy task. This is especially true at Encore Beach Club where you have thousands of in-house and independent hosts marketing their bungalows and cabanas. We not only had to get one or two bungalows during the busiest time of the year—they had to be together so the group wasn’t splintered.

To keep the groups together, we had to take multiple steps that allowed us to ensure our reservations wouldn’t get bumped at all of the venues. This included prepaying in full, drafting contracts with all the venues, coordinating with the playmates and atmosphere models, and really ironing out the itinerary.


We learned that when you’re dealing with really high-end guests, anything’s attainable. Money simply becomes a convenience factor. What matters is being able to provide solutions to their requests and bringing their vision to life. There are special people out there that will pay anything to get the best experience, and our job is to make sure that we can always deliver on that.


When the CEO of a real estate development firm called on us to plan a bachelor party for a group of 40 people, we were more than happy to assist.

Our client wanted a unique experience during his time in Las Vegas, so we meticulously planned the ultimate bachelor party. We hired the playmate of the year and an entourage of other playmates & atmosphere models to keep our client’s group engaged.

During the bachelor party weekend, we reserved two bungalows next to each other at Encore Beach Club. Our client ended up spending $200,000 subtotal on the prime real estate and drinks in keeping his group entertained.

We also reserved two upper and lower dance floor tables at XS nightclub and Hakkasan nightclub the following days. The subtotal at these two clubs was $150,000.

At all of these venues we managed and facilitated the guest experience with the help of the venue staff by dealing with the venue employees directly. This allowed the client to focus on the moment and on having fun.

At each venue, we created special presentations and never let the client forget that he was the center of attention during the whole weekend. Our client appreciated all of the work, careful planning, and thoughtfulness that we gave to each experience.

We got villas at Aria’s Sky Suites so our client was able to host after parties of his own throughout the weekend. The villas are great to host private parties and have gatherings of 80+ people.

With a $1 million budget, we were able to such an incredible bachelor party experience for our client that many of the other guests that were present that weekend have also come to us to curate their own experiences.


We were asked to create an epic bachelor party for a high-profile CEO and 40 of his guests. To great an incredible experience, we reserved the best real estate at some of the hottest clubs and pool parties in the world, reserved high-end luxury villas at Aria, and invited playboy playmates to join our guests for the weekend.

Our Roles

Stupak coordinated everything. We reserved the villas at Aria, we negotiated with the venues to give us prime real estate at the clubs, we managed the models, etc. We had the venues to special presentations for them throughout the entire weekend.

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